Sales Tracking is the process of documenting the interactions a lead has with your business, right from the point of entry, emails and phone calls that they receive, and how they move down your funnel, to ultimately become your customer. This gives you a visual idea of how a lead is conversing with you and all main steps happening in your sales cycle. It also helps you to understand the effectiveness of your sales funnel.

Techminds’ Sales Tracking system is capable of managing a deal from its very beginning to the end. The dashboard shows an overview of all activities to the representative and allows the rep to drill down to vital CRM and individual deal details. After the deals are done, this information can become a powerful part of your business intelligence as it will help you with your future customer interactions and help build strategies for business growth.
Sales Tracking has an umpteen number of benefits which include,
  • Stronger Sales Analysis
  • Insight on Products and Services
  • Find the Gap in Your Pipeline
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • The customized report enables Effective Analysis
  • Easily Integrated with the Accounting & other Software Systems
  • Secure online access from any computer with an internet connection