Laundry App



  • Service/Price Listing

App will have details of all services and price listing for different type of clothes. Laundry admin can add their list of services, cloth types and pricing from the admin panel.

  • New Order

Customers can place order through the app and set their pickup date and time.

  • Online Payment

Customer will have facility to make payment through the app.

  • Track Order

Customer can see the status of their order and the delivery schedule.

  • Pickup / Delivery

The order will be picked up from the pickup location at the date and time set by the user and will be delivered to delivery location at the required timeslot on successful completion of the laundry request.

  • Rating & Review

Customer can give rating of the services after every order and will also have option to give review.

  • Offers

Special offers will be available for regular users.

  • Notifications

User will receive status notification and special offers as push notification.

  • Admin Panel

Laundry admin will have the facility to configure all services, cloth types, pricing and can view and manager orders from the admin panel.


  • User Registration:

User can register by entering their name email and phone number. User will have to accept the terms and conditions before registering. Once registered, users will be able to access the following features in the app

  • Pickup/Delivery Address

User can set their pickup/delivery address by entering their address and marking their location on location map.

  • Service Types:

Users can view the details of different type of services provided in the Laundry

  • Price List:

Users can see price list for each service and for all type of cloths.

  • Make Order:
  • Users can make an order through the app by entering the date and time of pickup, selecting the pickup location, selecting the service, type of cloth and number of clothes.
  • Users will be able to add any number of items to the order.
  • User will have provision to take photo and attach it with each item.
  • The total cost of the added items will be shown to the user.
  • User will also have option to set the delivery time slot.
  • User can then select the type of payment – user can either select cash on pickup/delivery or can select online payment.
  • If user selects online payment then user will need to make credit card payment through the app to confirm the order.
  • Once the payment is successful the order will be created.
  • For ‘Cash on pickup/delivery” users can confirm the order immediately.
  • Offers:
  • Users will be able to see list of offers available.
  • Offers can be like discount for order with more than 20 items etc.
  • Users can select the offer and make order under that offer.
  • Track Order
  • Users can see the status of all ongoing orders
  • Users will also get notification when the laundry is ready for delivery.
  • Order History:

Users can see list of all completed orders with the payment details of each order.

  • Rating:

Users can give rating and remarks once each order is completed.


  • Admin Login:

Admin can login to admin area from any browser by accessing the admin link and entering the admin username and password. Admin will have the following functionalities once logged in:

  • Manage Services:

Admin can add/update the list of services provided by the Laundry. Admin has to enter the service title, description and can upload related images also if needed.

  • Manage Cloth Type:

Admin can add/update the type of clothes from this section.

  • Manage Price List:

Admin can update the price for all cloth types under each service.

  • View/ Manage User List:

Admin can view the list of all users who have downloaded and registered in the App. Admin will also have provision to activate/deactivate any user.

  • Create Offers:

Admin have provision to activate pre-defined offers, once activated the offer will be visible to all users who have installed the app.

  • Order Processing
  • Admin can view list of all new orders received.
  • Admin can click on an order and view all details of the order with the customer name, pickup details, item details with pictures etc.
  • Admin will also see the payment status to see if its cash on delivery or if the payment has been made online.
  • Admin can then verify and process the order.
  • Order will be moved to ‘under process’ order status and automatic notification will go to the person in charge of pickup with details of pickup location and items.
  • The person in charge of pickup can only see the order which need to be picked up and will have provision to print the order details.
  • Once the order is picked up admin has to update the status of the order.
  • When the Laundry is ready to be delivered admin can update the status and set as “Ready for Delivery”
  • Automatic notification will then go to the delivery person who can the see the order to be delivered with the delivery location and time slot. If cash has to be collected on delivery it will be highlighted in the delivery note. There will be option to print delivery note.
  • Once the order is delivered admin has to update the status as delivered. If cash has been collected admin has to mark cash collected and order can then be closed.
    • Send Notification:

    Admin can send custom messages as push notification to all users who have installed the app.

    • Rating & Review:

    Admin can view all the ratings and reviews given by the user and will have option to publish it on the app if required.

    • Reports:

    Admin can get the following reports:

    • User registration report
    • New Order Report
    • Order Status Report
    • Pickup/Delivery Report
    • Payment Report
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