Food Ordering App



  • User Registration:
  • User can register by entering their name email and phone number.
  • User will have to accept the terms and conditions before registering.
  • Restaurant Listing
  • Users can get the list restaurants as per their select City, Area they select.
  • User will have option to filter the list by cuisine, rating, minimum order amount and, budget.
  • Restaurant Details

After selecting a restaurant user can view the following:

  • Restaurant Location Map
  • Opening Hours
  • Restaurant Rating
  • Reviews
  • View Menu
  • Users can view list of all categories of food available in the selected restaurant and can then select a category to see all the food items under that category.
  • Each food item will have name, description, picture and price.
  • Add to Basket

User can select a food item and then enter the quantity and add to basket, users can add any number of items to the basket.

  • Checkout
  • Once user finished added all required items to basket users can checkout.
  • User will have to first enter their delivery location or select already saved location.
  • User will then have to either select payment method which will be either online payment of cash on delivery.
  • If online payment is selected user will have to make payment through Payment gateway
  • Order will be confirmed once payment is made successfully and an order number will be generated which will be displayed in order confirmation page.
  • Copy of the order will be sent as email and sms to the user.
  • Order List Status

Users can view list of all completed orders from this section and can view status of new orders that are not yet delivered.

  • Rating & Review

Customer can give rating of the services after every order and will also have option to give review for the restaurant from where they have ordered.

  • Offers/Deals

Users can see offers/deals available in all restaurants for this section, user can click on a deal to go to the deals of that restaurant. User will then be able to add the deal to their basket.

  • Notifications

User will receive status notification and special offers as push notification.


  • Admin Login:

Admin can login to admin area from any browser by accessing the admin link and entering the admin username and password. Admin will have the following functionalities once logged in:

  • City/Area Masters:

Admin can add/update the list of cities and area under a city. Admin will have provision to block or delete any city or Area

  • Cuisine/Category Masters

Admin can add/update cuisines and categories.

  • Manage Restaurant Account:

Admin can create accounts for restaurants and can set an username and password for each restaurant

  • Manage Price List:

Admin can update the price for all cloth types under each service.

  • View/ Manage User List:

Admin can view the list of all users who have downloaded and registered in the App. Admin will also have provision to activate/deactivate any user.

  • View Order Reports:

Admin can view the order reports for each restaurant.

  • Send Notification:

Admin can send custom messages as push notification to all users who have installed the app.

  • Rating & Review:

Admin can view all the ratings and reviews given by the users for all restaurants and will have provision to remove any review.

  • Reports:

Admin can get the following reports for all restaurants:

  • User registration report
  • New Order Report
  • Order Status Report
  • Pickup/Delivery Report
  • Payment Report


  • Login:

Restaurant admin can login by entering the username and password assigned by the system admin. Once logged in they will have following features.

  • Add Food Items:

Restaurant Admin has to select the cuisine and category and add food item by entering the name, description, picture and price.

  • Create Offers:

Restaurant Admin have provision to create offers for any food items or categories already added. Each offer has to be given a start date and end date.

  • Order Processing
  • Admin can view list of all new orders received.
  • Admin can click on an order and view all details of the order with the customer name, delivery details and item details.
  • Admin will also see the payment status to see if its cash on delivery or if the payment has been made online.
  • Admin can then verify and process the order.
  • Order will be moved to ‘under process’ order status and automatic notification will go to the person in charge of delivery with details of deliver location and items.
  • Once the order is ready and delivery is on the way admin has to update the status of the order.
  • Once the order is delivered admin has to update the status as delivered. If cash has been collected admin has to mark cash collected and order can then be closed.
  • Rating & Review:

Restaurant Admin can view all the ratings and reviews of their restaurant and will not have provision to remove any review

  • Reports:

Admin can get the following reports:

  • New Order Report
  • Order Status Report
  • Pickup/Delivery Report
  • Payment Report
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