Entertainer App


  • User Types

Following 3 levels of user will be there in the system:

  • Administrator
  • Admin will create account for Outlets and can manage all users and transactions in the system

  • Outlet Admin
  • Can manage all data and transaction of the outlet.

  • General Users
  • Can download and use the app.

  • Administrator Functionalities
  • Administrator will have an online web link to login to the admin section. Once logged in admin will have the following facilities

  • Category Master
  • Admin can create categories under which the outlets will be categorised.

  • Create Outlet Account
  • Admin can create outlet account by enter the outlet name, select category, contact details and set username and password.

  • Manager Outlet Account
  • Admin can manage all outlet accounts and can activate/deactivate/modify any account.

  • View/Manage Products/Deals
  • Admin can view the products/deals entered by all outlets and will have the facility to deactivate/delete any item.

  • Create Packages
  • Admin can create multiple packages and can add the outlets and offers included in each package and set the cost for each package.

  • Manage Packages
  • Admin can update/deactivate existing packages.

  • View Users
  • Admin can view list of all the users who have registered in the App

  • View Payments
  • Admin can view details of all the purchases.

  • Push Notification Requests
  • Admin can view the requests for push notifications sent by outlets for approval. Once approved the push notification will be sent to all the users who installed the app. Admin can also create custom push notification and send to selected users or to all users.

  • Approve Promotions/Advertisements
  • Admin can view all the promotion and advertisement request from the outlets and can approve or reject them. Once approved it will be displayed on the app.

  • View Transactions
  • Admin can get the report of all transactions for all outlets. Will have option to filter by date, outlet, category etc. All reports can be printed, exported to pdf/excel or mailed.

  • Outlet Admin
  • Outlet administration will also have an online web link to login. Outlet can login using the username and password assigned to them by the system administrator. Once logged in will have the following facilities

  • Create Outlet Profile
  • Outlet admin can create the public profile by entering the outlet display name, basic description, upload logo, banner picture, address with location coordinates, contact information and all other details about the outlet.

  • Create Offers/Promotions/Advertisements
  • Outlet admin can enter the offers for the outlet. Can create any number of offers. Outlet can also create promotions/advertisements for displaying on the app home page and promotions page.

  • Manage Offers
  • Outlet can update/deactivate/delete any existing offer.

  • Manage Redeem PIN
  • Outlet admin can update the redemption confirmation pin from this section which the outlet has to use to confirm the redemption of the offer by the user.

  • View Transactions
  • Can view all the transaction for their outlet. Option will be there to filter by date. Report can be printed, exported to excel/pdf or sent to email.

  • View Users
  • Can view list of users who redeemed offers from their outlet.

  • Users Area
  • Users can download and install IOS or Android version of the app on the phone from the respective playstores. Once installed users will have the following functionalities.

  • View Demo
  • Users can view the slideshow demo of how the app works and all the facilities in the app.

  • Register Account
  • User can register for account in the app by entering the email and other registration information.

  • Login
  • Users can login using their email and password configured during the registration.

  • Home Screen
  • Users can see the promotion banners and the categories on the home page.

  • Select Categories
  • Users can click on a category and see all the outlets having offers under that category. Users will have option to filter the outlets using different criteria.

  • View Outlet Offers
  • User can click on an outlet and see the different offers provided by the outlets. The outlet logo and banner will be displayed at the top.

  • View Outlet Details
  • User can view all details about the outlet, outlet description, photo gallery, location with automatic direction map, contact numbers with option to call, option to email outlet, chat facility and all information about the outlet will be available.

  • Add to Favorites
  • User will have option to add outlet/offer to their favourite list which can be accessed through favourite button from their account.

  • Buy Package
  • Users can see list of all available packages from this section, user can click on a package and view all details of that particular page. Users can click on Buy Now to purchase the package which will take then to the payment gateway to make the payment. If payment is successful the package will be added to the users account and the user can start redeeming offers in the package.

  • Select & Redeem Offer
  • To redeem an offer user has to select the outlet, then select the offer and enter his PIN code. User then has to show it to the outlet manager who will enter the outlet pin code to confirm acceptance of the redemption. Once an offer is redeemed it will be marked as redeemed for the user and the user will not be able to redeem it again.

  • Manage Profile
  • User can update his contact details and update his PIN number from this section.

  • Gift/Refer to Friend
  • User will have the facility to gift a purchased package to a friend or to refer the app to a friend.

  • View Alerts/Notifications
  • Other than receiving push notifications for promotions and offers, user can view the latest notifications from the notification section in the app.

  • Summary
  • Users can see the summary of all the redemptions he has made and the savings made during selected date period.


  • Design will be created as per the required brand guidelines
  • Multiple designs will be created initially
  • Design will look same for iPhone & Android versions
  • The interface will be in English


  • The app will be developed for IOS and Android versions.
  • All latest security measures will be implemented.
  • App store accounts for google play and itunes have to be created by client.
  • All data will be stored in the online database in the webserver.
  • Webservices will be developed for each section which will connect to database and retrieve the data for the respective sections.
  • Separate webservice will be created for IOS and Android versions.
  • The updates done from admin will reflect in both IOS and Android Version
  • Admin link for Admin and Outlet can be accessed by the authorized users at any time and from any place hacing internet connection. Updates made will display in the App immediately.
  • Supports PCI standard data security and Compliance? All critical data will be encrypted in both DB as well in any other media including system logs and configuration files.
  • Database, interfacing system credentials and other critical information will be kept secured and encrypted. None of these types of credentials will be kept in clear text either in System’s database or in any configuration files.
  • Application architecture, configuration process and application implementations will follow the minimum security baselines
  • Admin and App will support detailed logging and audit trail at each system boundary.
  • Web services will be safe certified against common web vulnerabilities like crosssite scripting, SQL injection, etc.
  • Details reports with graph of number of users accessing each service. Report will also show the IP address and login date and time. All reports can be printed and exported to excel.
  • Android/IOS – Native Language based application will be used to develop the mobile Apps.
Why Native
  • Application deals with large volume of data. Application performance will be faster in native
  • Being a consumer App – Native will give better user experience
  • JSON web services will be used to integrate with backend
Back End will be created in LAMP stack


  • Maintenance of all modules in the app
  • Support for admin to manage the app.
  • Trouble shooting and error correction in any module.
  • Application Security Monitoring
  • Doing updates/modifications in the existing modules
  • Upgrade features for supporting new versions of OS.
  • Upgrade security features for overcoming bugs in new versions of OS.
  • Provide live statistical reports of application usage.
  • Maintaining security and will update on security measures taken to protect the app.
  • Provide telephone and email support to resolve issues.
  • Creation of new modules is not covered in maintenance


60 days


IOS & Android App Development with web admin: RO 5000
Maintenance for 1 Year: RO 1200 per year
Hosting: RO 300 per year
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